Our Dispute Resolution Approach

Atlass Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides personalized mediation services. We are a mediation firm committed to resolution through the mediation process.  This dispute resolution approach derives benefit from the party participants’ involvement in the mediation process. We believe each mediation conference is unique and that there is no “one size fits all” resolution to a dispute.

Our role as a third-party neutral is to facilitate the dispute resolution process between the party participants. It is our objective that during the course of the mediation process the party participants focus on their individual goals with respect to the resolution of the dispute, recognize their potential risks and rewards, and at all times remain in control of the resolution process and results.

We are dedicated to the mediation process and will stay engaged in the mediation process until it is exhausted.

Under ADR’s philosophy (as supported by the Florida Rules governing Mediators), the mediation process (and its confidentiality) begins when you engage the services of ADR.  We will communicate with the lawyers prior to the mediation conference to discuss the conflict, the parties and other matters that will assist in the resolution process.  We encourage advance preparation, including the preparation of a skeleton mediated settlement agreement, prior to the mediation conference.  The mediation process requires active participation by the parties, who are the ultimate decision makers during mediation.