Hey Bulldog “Let It Go”

Bulldogs are known for being bullheaded and persistent.  While this can be a positive trait, it is also a real hurdle for working through conflict.  One of the major hurdles in resolving conflict is holding a grudge and not letting go of “what he did to me.” I can tell you that rehashing the “what he did to me/what she …

Collateral Consequences

Before you walk away from a settlement opportunity, consider the collateral consequences.  They may not be easy to see.  They may not jump out at you.  Take the time to think and consider all of the unintended consequences of your action or inaction before you walk away.  

Quote of the Day

“When you go into court, you are putting yourself in the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.” Stay in control of the solution to your problem.  Try mediation.

One Great Question to Ask

Questions are the cornerstone to successful negotiations.  It’s a topic I focus on regularly.  In order to convince someone to change a strongly held position, you need to understand the position clearly and the root of the position (i.e., the basis for their belief).  In order to do this you may need to ask 20 questions.  Today, I’m going to …

3 Strategies to Deal with a Bully

I was leading a presentation recently and one of the attendees asked a great question:  How do you deal with a bully? We all have had the “privilege” of dealing with a bully at one time or another.  Give these 3 strategies a try: 1.  Ignore the behavior by pretending that the bully asked nicely instead of demanding and respond …